Were an African music aficionado to blindly walk into a room where the Debademba track Souleymane was playing, they would instantly get very excited, believing it to be a lost track by one of the great West African bands of the 1970s – perhaps the Rail Band or Les Ambassadeurs. Not only are the guitar lines so effortlessly fluid, but those honeyed vocals were surely produced by a young Salif Keita, frontman of both rival outfits back in the day. But Debademba – the baby of well-travelled guitarist Abdoulaye Traore and young-buck singer Mohamed Diaby – are no mere revivalists. While adept at reprising that classic Malian sound, they’re also relentless in forging a new blueprint for the region’s music. Indeed, more modern-sounding tracks like the urgent Agnakamina are easy confirmation of the brightness of Debademba’s immediate future.

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