Introducing Shake Shake Go – the London based five-piece, whose folk-influenced pop saw them handpicked by James Blunt to support him on his UK tour last year. Now, their stunning debut EP ‘England Skies’ will be released on March 9th via Beaucoup Music and marks the arrival of an impressive new band.

Comprised of four tracks, the EP showcases the quintet’s uplifting melodies, delicate percussion and spirited camaraderie, all underpinned by singer Poppy’s compelling vocals that grant the EP a gentle beauty.

The cornerstones of Shake Shake Go – Poppy and guitarist Marc – met whilst studying in London. Poppy’s velvet–coated vocals, incredible for her young age, quickly found the ears of Marc who was looking for the perfect voice to embody his music. They started writing together immediately, teamed up with three like-minded musicians and the band was born.

Their name also came about serendipitously; whilst playing an impromptu show on the streets of London, the quintet asked the audience to send ideas for a band name to them, a 6 year old boy sent in the words: Shake Shake Go. These three words summarised their music’s message – a liberating power, a desire to escape and perennial emotions.

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